Last weekend my mom and I visited Final Cut located in Augusta, Georgia. What is Final Cut you may be asking? It is a giant store filled with unsold items from a variety of different clothing and furniture stores. Most of the pieces I saw came from Free People, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters but there were definitely a few other brands in the mix. Some of the items sent to this store may not have sold well while others have slight imperfections and flaws and some are full on damaged. Throughout the entire store it is a mix of clothing, accessories, shoes, furniture, light fixtures, rugs and pillows!





My favorite part is definitely the clothes! While searching throughout the clothes you may find that there are also a large number of sample pieces and photoshoot pieces that end up here! Throughout the bins there are also a large amount of odds and end pieces that included large bundles of fabric, pattern pieces and just random pieces of fabric and clothing. However, there are also tons of hidden gems throughout these piles of clothes… you just have to quite literally dig for them.

The clothes are thrown into boxes on the floor and wow are there a lot of boxes to dig through! I was able to find so many fun pieces of clothing that I can’t wait to wear and style this fall! This is my second time visiting Final Cut and I feel that now I am able to confidently share some tips and tricks that may make it more enjoyable for you if you decide to visit!

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes! You will be digging through boxes of clothes on the floor and trust me you will want to be comfortable!
  •  Wear clothing that you can easily slip pieces over to try on! There are fitting rooms available, but when the lines are long and you are trying to narrow down your choices it is easy to slip pieces on to see if they fit! There are also many mirrors scattered throughout the store which makes it extra easy to see what pieces look like on and avoid the fitting rooms when needed.
  •  Bring your own bag or wagon! My mom and I both brought the large plastic reusable bags from Home Goods, but if we were to go again we would bring a foldable wagon. They have baskets available to use in the store, but they can get filled up quickly and only have short handles that make it difficult to carry when heavy. We asked the employees in the store and they said you can bring any bag of your own to use within the store if you’d like!
  •  Bring snacks and water with you! My mom and I brought snacks with us and ended up taking a break after a few hours of digging. We purchased the pieces we had found and loved, but there is also a holding area in the store (which we didn’t know about until we’d already checked out) where you can drop off the things you’ve picked out so far and can take a break or go grab lunch and come back when you’re done!
  •  Get there early! My mom and I left early in the morning hoping to get there close to the time they opened. The employees told us that they put new stuff out every single day and if they’re less busy they will continue to put new stuff out throughout the day!
  •  Think about what you’re hoping to find beforehand! If you are making the trip here think about particular pieces of clothing (jeans, cardigans, dresses, etc.) or colors and patterns of clothing that you are hoping to find. There are so many bins and so many pieces of clothing in this store that you could spend an entire day searching and still not see every single piece. Having an idea of what you’re hoping to find ahead of time can make it less overwhelming and help you narrow down the pieces you want to potentially leave with!

My mom and I woke up early and made the almost three hour drive there to get to the store around 10 am when they opened. We stayed and searched through boxes until around 2 pm when we took a lunch break. We decided to head back because we were told they’d be putting out more shoes soon and we stayed and searched until around 5 pm when we decided to make the drive back home! At the end of the day I ended up leaving with two pair of shoes and a large amount of Free People, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters pieces as well as some redone items that were so unique and fun! My mom also left with a lot of fun pieces and a bunch of jeans she was able to find in her size! You can see all of the pieces I took home with me down below!

Now you may be wondering how are the items priced? They have signs posted throughout the store that help explain the pricing, but I’ve also noticed the prices may vary slightly depending on the cashier that checks you out. Prices range from $5, $10, $15 and $20 for most pieces of clothing and specialty denim is $30 and high end designer brand dresses such as the bridesmaid dresses are $50. When you go to check out the cashier will separate your stuff by category into the price range they fall into. Most of the clothing items we left with were around $10-$15, but I had a few tops that were $5 and a few that were $20! A lot of the shoes are priced $40 but there were some that were were priced more!

Do I think it’s worth a long trip? This question is hard to answer because I think it just depends on the person! For me I do think the prices are great if you are able to find brands that are usually highly priced, such as Free People. However, prices vary per item and some of the items are still not extremely low in price. I do however think that the experience of the store itself is fun and makes for a great day trip if you live close enough. If you are like me and enjoy the search to find items you love and think are little “treasures” then I would definitely recommend looking into visiting this store!

Overall we had the best time and I would definitely go back again! If you decide to visit I hope you have the best time and I hope you may find some of these tips helpful!