Since getting married and moving in together we have been cooking a lot more often!

We are not the most experienced chefs and therefore we love any items that can make cooking and cleanup that much easier!

We’ve been living in our house for a little over a month now and I’ve compiled a list of our top 10 kitchen items we use on a weekly basis and couldn’t live without! These would also all make great wedding gifts if you or someone you know is getting married.

We had these items on our wedding registries but I was able to find all of the exact items we have on Amazon. Most of them did come from Amazon but a few didn’t. I linked them all through Amazon though because that is what I have affiliates for!

I hope you enjoy!

1. Snap and strain pot strainer: This strainer has been one of our most used items! I love that it will fit both smaller and larger pots and it is much smaller and easier to clean than a standard strainer!

2. Apple slicer: This apple slicer is such a time saver and is so easy to use! You place it on top of your apple and push down and it both cores your apple and slices it into 8 even slices!

3. Handheld frother: This frother is the best! It gives your milk a foam like consistency that is perfect to pour on top of your drink of choice (I prefer coffee)! It is also great for quickly blending together powders and liquids like protein powder and baby formula!

4. Electric salt and pepper grinder set: These salt and pepper grinders are great to use while cooking and they are the perfect conversation starter when guests are over! Plus they are just fun to use!

5. Metal stir stick: I love these metal stir sticks and use them every morning to mix up my coffee! If you have a bar or a coffee bar they look great out on display and work great for mixing up your drinks!

6. Electric water kettle: This is a game changer if you drink a lot of tea! I love a good cup of tea in the winter and will use our kettle almost every day! It heats up water up to a boil in just a few minutes and is so easy to use!

7. Set of 9 nesting bowls: This nesting bowl set is the full package! It comes with three different size bowls, strainers and lids. It is perfect to use while you are cooking and then to store your leftovers in to pop in the fridge!

8. Mini personal sandwich maker: This mini sandwich is small and easy to store which I love plus it is great to toast up your sandwich! You can also cook plenty of other things in this sandwich maker like pizza rolls, quesadillas, French toast and even desserts!

9. Ninja blender set: This blender set is everything you’d need in your kitchen! It comes with a blender attachment, food processor attachment and two 16 ounce cups. I love that this has the two cups which are perfect for a single portion and are great for on the go!

10. Air fryer: We use our air fryer almost every week! I’ve never had better tasting French fries at home than out of an air fryer! So far we have only cooked frozen French fries and some vegetables, but you can cook so many different things in this!

We can’t wait to try other items!