Taylor has always been incredibly thoughtful and romantic, and that didn’t change when it came to our proposal. Taylor and I have been dating since our senior year of high school and he has always gone the extra mile on birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Never anything crazy but always so thoughtful and personal… and our engagement was just that!

We love taking trips to the beach and we had planned a beach vacation with Taylors parents during the summer in 2019. We’ve been to the beach with his parents multiple times so nothing about these vacation plans were out of the ordinary. We were going to Rosemary Beach, somewhere we’d never been before and we were having professional photos taken, both of which I was very excited for!

Two years ago today we were making the drive down to the beach for our vacation. The last hour or two of our drive it was pouring rain. The kind of rain where you can hardly see while you’re driving. Keep in mind we are supposed to be taking photos on the beach in a few hours and the weather is absolutely terrible. I was bummed because I was excited about our photos, but I’m sure Taylor was stressed because it turns out these weren’t just normal photos.Little did I know Taylor had planned this entire vacation around the fact that he was going to propose. He picked the place to stay, hired the photographer and did so much more! The rain ended clearing up after we arrived at our room which was a huge relief. We relaxed for a while and then got ready to go take photos. We drove to town, met up with our photographer and headed down to the beach. What started out as group photos turned into one of the most special days of my life. Taylor got down on one knee, said some of the sweetest things and asked me to be his wife. Of course I said “YES”!!

After asking me to marry him Taylor told me to look up at the boardwalk and there stood my mom and dad. He had my parents drive down to see the whole thing and surprise me! It was so special and perfect! We took engagement photos for a while after and then we Face Timed with our family and friends back home to share the exciting news! After photos we headed to dinner to celebrate and then enjoyed the rest of our beach vacation as Fiancés! This trip was definitely one to remember! Rosemary Beach is now a place that holds so many memories and is somewhere we love to revisit time and time again!

I hope you enjoy our proposal photoshoot! Our photographer was Megan Elizabeth Photography and she was so sweet and amazing!
Link to photographer we used: https://meganelizabeth-photography.com