The first time we had this quick and easy greek pasta salad was when we got engaged at the beach.Taylor’s mom made it one night and we’ve been hooked ever since!


When we make it we usually eat some right away and then pop the rest in the fridge for leftovers! I personally think it is better the next day and I prefer to eat it cold, but Taylor prefers it when it is warm! You can eat it either way but I think it is more commonly served cold which makes it the perfect meal for the upcoming summer months.


We usually buy the two pack five cheese tortellini from Costco and use one pack of that for this recipe, but we’ve also bought three cheese tortellini from Kroger and it works just as great! Any cheese tortellini of your choice will work! We also usually buy a rotisserie chicken from the store and shred it to use in this recipe but you could cook chicken to use if you’d like!


The toppings we prefer for this recipe are listed below: – Cucumber – Tomato – Kalamative olives – Banana peppers or pepperoncinis – Red onion – Feta – Olive Garden Italian dressing or Italian dressing of choice The chicken and pasta are the base of this recipe, but once you combine those two ingredients measure the rest of the ingredients with your heart!


Add more of the things you love and less of the things you don’t!


You can even substitute some of the ingredients for other items and really make this pasta perfect for you and your family If you decide to try this recipe I really hope you enjoy it!

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