I got married almost a year ago and I remember having the hardest time figuring out what I wanted to do as a wedding favor. I didn’t want to do something my guests would just throw away and forget about the next week. Instead I wanted something our guests would take with them and be able to enjoy long after our wedding day!

We still ended up doing koozies for drinks and we also did some pumpkin spice handmade soap. These were fun, common ideas we saw on places like Pinterest, but we still wanted to do something more creative and unique!

I wanted the table settings at our wedding to incorporate both fall and boho aspects and therefore I had looked into renting Amber colored glasses to be set at each table for guests to fill with water. I was quoted around $2 per glass to rent them and that was when my mom and I got the idea to try and find glasses that we could purchase for the tables instead. We thought if we could find glasses that were a reasonable price and purchase them, that could be the fun and unique wedding favor we were searching for!

We ended up finding the perfect glasses at Hobby Lobby and we did an order for the number we needed while they were on sale. They were originally $5.99 a piece but since they were on sale they ended up being $3 per glass which was only $1 more per glass than we would be paying to rent them.

The photo above is the number for the style of glass in the small size. The one we purchased for our wedding was the large size, but it is currently sold out in this color.

The next thing we had to figure out was how we would let guests know that they were able to take their glasses home with them. Since it was a more unconventional wedding favor I wanted to make it clear that their glass was theirs to keep! That’s when I thought I could do a fun card that was placed at each seat. We placed the card on each persons plate underneath their napkin and it read…

“Thank you for celebrating our special day with us! Dance… Have fun.. Drink up… And at the end of the night take home your cup! When you use it again we hope you think of us!”

It was not only a nice way to say thank you for being with us on our wedding day, but many of our guests have said it is the best wedding favor they’ve ever received. It was definitely worth the extra $1 and is something our guests have used many times since!

You may be able to find glasses at stores other than Hobby Lobby, or if you have enough time you could always thrift fun glasses or mugs to do this with! It was a fun idea that can definitely be changed to fit the theme of your special day, but I hope you enjoyed this wedding favor idea!

If you have any questions you can hit me up by email or facebook!