Since I was younger I’ve always wondered what my wedding day would be like… after pinning on Pinterest for years I never could have dreamt up a day more perfect than it actually was. I knew I wanted a fall wedding and soon after Taylor proposed we started looking for wedding venues! We had looked for weeks with no luck, but we finally stumbled upon Blue Mountain Vineyards in Dahlonega and it was perfect for us! It had an outdoor ceremony space with a Mountain View and a beautiful indoor reception space that could also function as a backup ceremony space in case of bad weather.

I remember looking at the weather forecast the week leading up to our wedding and it was a 90-100% chance of rain all week, including the day of our wedding. I was so upset and was left hoping for a miracle that our wedding day would still be beautiful. We went to our rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding and it was pouring rain. The weather was just miserable. I can remember looking outside where our ceremony space was supposed to be and you couldn’t see a single mountain in sight. In fact you couldn’t see much of anything, it was just foggy and gray. It was not at all what I remembered the space looking like when we toured it and it was bright and sunny. We finished our rehearsal and went on to our rehearsal dinner later that evening. We enjoyed the rest of our night and continued to hope the rain would hold off for some of our wedding day, at least for some photos and the ceremony.

My best friends and I had stayed in a cabin the night of the rehearsal so we could spend time together and get ready there the next morning. I can remember waking up on the morning of the wedding and my best friend since 7th grade looked over at me and said “Joy it’s sunny outside”. I’ve never jumped up so fast to check the weather outside. It was so beautiful and sunny that it was almost hard to believe how beautiful it was outside. The weather for the whole week leading up to our wedding day was so rainy and dreary, but the day of our wedding ended up being one of the most beautiful days. I don’t know that I could have asked for better weather. It was a high of 83 and a low of 70. The leaves were just beginning to change colors and the sky was beautiful, especially at sunset.

All of the details of our day fell into place and came together even better than I could have imagined! Everything from the venue, to the weather, to the decor and the cake was beyond perfect! Of course our day had its small hiccups.. what wedding doesn’t? But those little hiccups were just that… LITTLE. Overall this day was the most amazing and is one we will never forget.

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