Once we planned out all of the details for our wedding day it was time to decide on the order of events for the day. Our photographer was absolutely amazing and she helped us come up with a timeline for the day.

Taylor and I decided to do a first look together before walking down the aisle. This way we could share our vows privately and be able to spend more time together on our wedding day. It was a decision I’m so happy we made and I look back on these photos and think about how special these moments were for us.

The day goes by so quick and our photographer really allowed us to enjoy the little moments of our day. She never made us feel rushed our like we were strictly following a schedule. I can remember after our first look she asked us if we wanted to spend a few minutes together alone and that ended up being one of my favorite moments of our day. It allowed us to take a breather and take in the scenery of the day. It was beautiful outside and the mountains were unreal. It was such a special and memorable moment!

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