After we had our first look and shared our vows we took photos together. We don’t usually take a lot of professional photos so we were both a little nervous for hours of photos on our wedding day. However, our photographers made it so enjoyable and we think the pictures turned amazing!

Our ceremony space was outside with the view of the mountains behind us. It was in Dahlonega, Georgia which isn’t far from where we live. In fact, it’s somewhere we would go on dates often when we were younger. It just made perfect sense we were able to find something this perfect for us so close to home! Our venue set up white chairs outside and the weather ended up being perfect for an outside ceremony.

There were a few minutes where it looked like a storm was going to roll in and the wind was very strong. The wind was so strong it actually blew over one of the mirrors we had set up and it shattered. This was one of our small hiccups where things hadn’t gone as planned, but that was the only thing that had gone wrong the whole day and for that we were thankful.

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